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Farm to school grows local economies

Farm to school offers cross-sectoral benefits for children, farmers, and communities. However, limited data are available to truly understand the economic impacts of farm to school procurement. Using a survey and case study approach, this report—a collaborative project of the National Farm to School Network and Colorado State University—examines the economic impact of local purchasing and provides new insight into the potential for farm to school procurement to positively impact local economies. 

Diagram showing that for every additional dollar of final demand for farm to school farm products, an additional $0.93 for related sectors is generated in Minneapolis and $1.11 in Georgia.

The report finds that not only were surveyed farmers satisfied or very satisfied with most aspects of farm to school sales, but farms participating in farm to school efforts purchase more inputs from the local economy, which results in positive local economic impact. This report also offers a widely adaptable survey and analysis protocol for farm to school economic impact assessments. This resource will support and encourage more rigorous research that will continue to build the economic case for farm to school.

The full report is available here: Economic Impacts of Farm to School: Case Studies and Assessment Tools.
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