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Get Ready to CRUNCH

Help us reach 260,000 Minnesota Crunches in 2018. As of today, Minnesota has 75,813 registered crunchers. Register by October 2 to receive FREE Crunch stickers and a chance to have Minnesota Timberwolves Mascot Crunch lead your crunch in person! Register here

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  1. As of today, Minnesota has 75,813 registered crunchers. This means we're reaching nearly every state on the list! The most common error that young and old alike make when trying to use this app is missing their starting date at the top: 1st December 2015 - 2nd January 2016 sorry for your ignorance guys! But as soon you enter a name or address online with our mobile application, it will provide an email tracking information detailing where they are currently located which can be handy if you happen across them during one's trip around town. It also includes live updates by phone about what progress they have made along each journey (such things like getting into cars like charcoal buyers ) if you know how many people to expect for your visit and include the time they usually meet with clients as well so we can make sure our clientele is ready before leaving on their mission trip!

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