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FCS “Year of Food” call for proposals

A student and staff at Clearbrook-Gonvick prep produce from Ter-Lee Gardens.
A student and staff at Clearbrook-Gonvick
prep produce from Ter-Lee Gardens.
Contributed by: Maxine Peterson, Minnesota Department of Education
Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teachers will be engaged with various training and learning
opportunities in 2019 which focus on the Food, Culinary and Farm to School FCS Frameworks. Culinary boot camps, the 2nd annual FCS Summer Career Pathways Institute on Thursday June, 20th at St. Paul College and the Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Science (MAFCS) conference on February 4-5 at MDE will provide professional development opportunities for middle and high school FCS teachers.

The conference committee is looking for individuals who would like to present information to help FCS teachers with resources to embed the new Farm to School Frameworks implemented in 2017. The committee is looking for breakouts, panel presentations or possible keynotes on the origins of food, school gardens (in the classroom and at school sites), food systems, food access, clean labeling, partnerships with farmers and other business/industry partners, possible grants, curriculum available, and legislation and public policy related to F2S. Please contact Maxine Peterson, MDE FCS Education Specialist at by January 4th, if you have an interest in presenting or exhibiting at these events.

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