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New Farm to School resources available through MDE

Contributed by: Sami Burington, Minnesota Department of Education

Sami Burington provides leadership to farm to school at the Minnesota Department of Education.
Sami Burington provides leadership to farm to school
at the Minnesota Department of Education.
The Minnesota Department of Education [MDE] Nutrition, Health and Youth Development division strives to improve student health and link nutrition to life-long learning – farm to school initiatives contribute to both of these areas. Therefore, along with support from the Farm to School Leadership Team, MDE now has dedicated staff time to support farm to school efforts across Minnesota.
  • Is your school or community looking for support for farm to school in any of the following ways?
  • Increase local foods used in school nutrition programs; and/ot
  • Implement educational activities related to agriculture, food, health and nutrition; and/or
  • Engage students in hands-on, experiential learning through gardening; and/or
Need additional support or resources to keep farm to school initiatives growing in your area.

If so, contact Sami Burington, MDE Nutrition Program Consultant, at or 651-582-8376.

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