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Emerging Farmers in Minnesota and farm to school

Contributed by: Stephanie Heim, University of Minnesota Extension 

In this newletter’s December issue, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Assistant Commissioner, Patrice Bailey, described the agency's role in supporting emerging farmers.  Last month, a report was presented to the Minnesota Legislature that lays out recommendations on [Read more] reducing or eliminating barriers faced by new and potential farmers in Minnesota. 

“People who identify as emerging farmers feel unseen in the current system,” Assistant Commissioner Patrice Bailey said. “We have tried to identify in this report ways to make our agricultural economy more inclusive to all who want to share in it. This report is an important step in identifying the biggest barriers to entry that prevent many Minnesotans from owning and operating their own farms.”

Of the many opportunities outlined in the report to support and cultivate emerging farmers in Minnesota, one states, “Advance Farm-to-School/Institution initiatives as a market development tool for emerging farmers.” If MDA and other organizations supporting farmers use this new report as a starting place for these efforts to begin, we will all benefit.

Read the full report here.
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