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Welcome to the Summer issue of Farm to School in Minnesota

Hello everyone,
Last week, I was in several meetings with colleagues I respect and look up to about the work Extension must do to address systemic racism in Minnesota. As a white woman, I have had the privilege to ignore racism and the privilege to learn about racism. The murder of George Floyd in our state has reignited a global movement for justice. The depth of our state's racial disparities are staggering. This is a time for action. We must commit to learn, grow and do better.

This Summer issue is full of news and resources that feature the rapid changes and action spurred by COVID-19. In the Fall issue, I’m hopeful we’ll write about initial actions taken to address systemic racism.

And if you haven’t already, please make time to read this statement from the Executive Director of the National Farm to School Network titled, “There Is No Food Justice Without Racial Justice.”

Stephanie Heim

University of Minnesota Extension
Member of Minnesota’s Farm to School Leadership Team   

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