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Farm to School Newsletter - September 2020


Hello Everyone,


As the vibrant oranges and yellows take over the trees, it’s hard to deny an official fall kick-off in Minnesota, or, in our world, the lead into Farm to School Month. Truthfully, because of the evolving ways we’re learning to interact with our environment and one another, I’ve noticed that annual events, which usually bring excitement and predictability to our lives, are stirring up more questions than answers. Friends, family, and colleagues alike are wondering how to safely and meaningfully celebrate occasions that typically gather large crowds of people. Importantly, we also continue wondering how to maintain the momentum of a collective effort that leads to social change and racial equity like we’ve never experienced before.

Over the past few months, MN Farm to School network leaders have explored these challenging questions with the goal of making the 2020 Farm to School + Early Care Education (ECE) Month celebrations memorable and accessible to all. Celebrating Farm to School Month is a time to witness and acknowledge how the food system impacts everyone’s lives, and an opportunity to further commit to creating a fair and just strategy to improve this system. This year’s celebration is supported in the Farm to School Month Proclamation where MN Governor Tim Walz declares October Farm to School Month in our state, and highlights the significance of supporting Farm to School during this particular time in our history by stating that “There is no food justice without racial justice…” Please take time to read the Proclamation and share it throughout your personal and professional networks.

This Fall issue showcases the variety of ways anyone and everyone can celebrate this year’s Farm to School Month all month long and anytime that works best for your community.

Jackie Billhymer 

University of Minnesota Extension

Member of Minnesota’s Farm to School Leadership Team

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